Steam Processors

PARAGON's line of professional-grade hair steamers are a must addition to any color-centric salons - especially salons located in dry, arid environments. These units area also known as steam professors or moist-heat processors. 

Using the healing power of water, PARAGON hair steamers allows treatment particles permeate into damaged hair and reach even impaired area inside the hair to help turn delicate, dull, dry hair to vibrant, healthy, and luxurious hair, the steam is primarily used for priming, conditioning, coloring, or highlighting hair. The PARAGON portfolio of hair steamers are all height adjustable, heat adjustable, temperature adjustable, and are available in versatile rollerstand setups and space-saving wallmount setups.

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Eclipse Steam Color Processor
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Eclipse 2 Steam Processor
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Luna Steam Processor, Wallmount
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Luna Steam Processor, Rollerstand
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Moist Heat Steam Processor
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