Equipment for Salon Shampoo Areas

If you run your business with quality in mind, you will want to give your customers everything you can provide. A shampoo area or beauty shop sink will allow you to provide an additional relaxing service to all of your customers. A refreshing wash with our salon shampoo equipment will allow your customers to have a miniature me-day—even if they’re just there for a quick trim. No matter if you require a simple shampoo bowl or a full system, Shop-PARAGON is the premier online location that offers a wide range of what you need. Please look through our beauty shop sinks and salon shampoo equipment—we strive to cater to every type of haircare professional. 
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AntiFatigue Mat
In Stock.
Cobb Square Shampoo Bowl
$290.00  $230.00
In Stock.
Round Shampoo Bowl
In Stock.
Tracy Shampoo Chair
In Stock.
50B Shampoo System, Custom-Color Upholstery
In Stock.
50B Shampoo System, Black Porcelain Bowl
In Stock.
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