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If color is your business, then spend money pampering your color clients.  The wash matters. The PARAGON portfolio of shampoo bowls and shampoo system are some of the most sought-after products in the industry today.  Blending the highest level of comfort, style, and value, the PARAGON shampoo bowls and systems are what a modern color-centric salon is looking to indulge their best color clients.  In the word of shampoo bowls, the material hierarchy of stain-resistance is: ABS Plastic Bowls ($) < Fiberglass Bowls ($$) < Porcelain Enamel Bowls ($$$-$$$$).  You get what you pay for.

Never be stopped by a failed plumbing inspection with a cheap shampoo bowl.  Every PARAGON shampoo bowl and faucet set has been tested and listed by nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTL) and listed with Universal Plumbing Code (UPC-Listed).   We guarantee our products to pass every inspection... every time... in every state.  Additionally, our shampoo and faucet products are listed with the Massachusetts plumbing board as "Accepted Plumbing Products"... not many internet products can pass this additional test. 
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Round Shampoo Bowl
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Cobb Square Shampoo Bowl
$290.00  $230.00
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